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What’s a Dashboard?

A Dashboard provides an overview of your points and students, great for long-term analysis and getting a high-level understanding of behavior. You can view a Dashboard for a specific student, for any roster or grade, or for your whole school.

In this article you’ll learn about the data that’s presented on a Dashboard, and how to control Dashboards to see the information you need.

Learn more about the data displayed on a Dashboard in the article, Introduction to Dashboards!

Navigate to Dashboards

Dashboards is one of the reporting tools in Insights.

Dashboard Types

The first thing you’ll notice is the types of Dashboards you can view. From student to your whole school, you can access a Dashboard for whatever group you’re focused on.

Teachers can access a Dashboard for themselves, and Admins can access a Teacher Dashboard for any teacher in the school.

You’ll hear us refer to a Grade Dashboard or Student Dashboard, just meaning the type of Dashboard for that situation.

Although there are different types of Dashboards, they all present your data in the same way.

In this article, we're viewing a School Dashboard

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