If you experience a red box around an email, this most likely means the email is being used on another school's LiveSchool account– either a trial account or at another school.

The teacher/admin can edit the email address they use to log into their other LiveSchool account so their primary email can be used with your school's account.

Ask the teacher/admin to log in with the email that you want to use and follow these instructions to edit their email. They can add "+" and any text to the end of their email and before the @ sign (for example: lsampson+freesite@liveschoolinc.com). Once they save their email address, you'll be able to use their primary email to invite them to create a LiveSchool account with your school.

We are of course happy to help as well! Chat us in the app or email us at support@liveschoolinc.com.

If there are school staff that work with LiveSchool at multiple schools, to create separate logins for each school just add "+SchoolName" (or any other text) to the end of their email and before the "@" sign and they'll still receive all emails at their primary email address.

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