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Customize and Share our Teacher Training Powerpoint

The teacher training powerpoint provides a helpful structure for introducing LiveSchool to teachers during part 1 of your PD.

You'll first customize a few slides about your vision for using LiveSchool. Help teachers understand the big picture of what your school will achieve with LiveSchool.

You'll then show your school's rubric; what expectations are you setting for students and why are you choosing those expectations?

Next you'll discuss how your point system will work – are you tracking positive and negatives, or only positives? Do negatives subtract from students' point balance? What are a few examples of when points would be given?

Then you'll discuss what these points contribute to for students - whether it's a reward store, point goal reward, or House Points.

Lastly, you'll introduce what feedback loops you'll provide to students and parents, whether it's Paychecks or the Student and Parent Accounts.

Invite Your Teachers to Create an Account

Invite your teachers to create a LiveSchool account using these instructions..

When your teachers are invited, they'll receive an email from support@liveschoolinc.com with a link to create an account.

They'll confirm their title and name, set a password, and activate their account!

Get Hands-On With The App

During part 2 of your PD, you'll share our resources to help teachers get familiar with LiveSchool. You'll walk through:

Teachers can record practice points, just make sure to let us know to clear these practice points at least 2 days before your first day of school.

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