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What’s a Scoreboard?

Scoreboards are built-in spreadsheets for your LiveSchool data. They allow you to answer countless questions like:

What are the top positive behaviors in our school?

Which students have earned 5 or more demerits this week?

In this article we talk about the types of Scoreboards, what data you can view on a Scoreboard, and how to add the various filter, sorting, and logic options to organize your data.

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Scoreboards is one of the reporting tools in Insights

Scoreboard Types

Just like Dashboards, there are various types of Scoreboards.

The type of Scoreboard determines what is shown in the rows of a Scoreboard.

  • Students Scoreboard shows you each student’s data on a separate row. You can pull up a Students Scoreboard for your whole school, or for a specific roster or grade.

  • Rosters Scoreboard shows each of your rosters on their own row, and the total points for all of the students in the roster.

  • Grades Scoreboard shows each of your grades on separate rows, and the total points for all students in the grade.

  • Teachers Scoreboard (admin only) shows each of your teachers and their total merits, demerits and their ratio of merits to demerits

  • Behaviors Scoreboard lists each of the behaviors on your rubric in rows and the totals for everyone in the school.

  • Rewards Scoreboard lists each of the rewards on your rewards menu in rows, and shows the total points spent on your rewards by everyone in the school.

In this article, we're looking at a Students Scoreboard

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