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Clever.com Users

If LiveSchool is syncing with your SIS via Clever, click here. This article is for schools that added students and staff via Launch Files.

A Few Notes to Start

  • We've imported your initial students, users, and rosters for you, based on what you uploaded from within the site. From here, it's your responsibility to keep them updated.

  • We recommend designating a point person for updates. This keeps things streamlined.

  • Some site management features require admin-level access to edit. The table below provides a summary of what permissions Admins and Teachers have.


To manage your students, first, go to Setup > Students.

Student List

Your student list shows you every student in your LiveSchool site, as well as their grade and current point balance. You'll also see information to help you monitor the student and their parent's usage of their LiveSchool accounts.

"Last Login," and "Parent Last Login" shows the last time the student and parent signed in to their LiveSchool account respectively, or if they've never signed in at all. The "Parents" column shows you how many of the parent codes (out of 2) have been registered to a LiveSchool account.

You'll see a column for gender as well. Currently only Male and Female are available, but please note gender is not viewable to students and parents in their account.

As an Admin, you can add, edit, or delete a student, as well as manage access for a student (below).

Teachers can only manage a student's access, they cannot add, edit, or delete students.

Add A New Student

Admins can add a new student at any time by clicking New in the top right corner. Add a name and gender, but note that the gender is not visible to the students or parents on their LiveSchool account.

Admin and Teachers

You can manage your list of Admin and Teachers in LiveSchool by going to Setup > Users.

Add a New Teacher or Admin

You can add a new Teacher or Admin by clicking New User in the top right corner.

Add the teacher or admin's information, and choose whether they should have teacher or admin permissions. When you click Add User LiveSchool will automatically send them an email to invite them to create a LiveSchool account.

The table below explains the difference between Admin and Teachers in LiveSchool.

Edit or Delete a User

You can edit an Admin or Teacher, whether you need to change their title, update their email address, or change a teacher's account type to Admin.

You can also delete an Admin or Teacher. Deleting an Admin or Teacher does not delete the points they awarded students, but that person will no longer be able to log in and they will not appear on your Teachers Scoreboard (more on the Teachers Scoreboard below).


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