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Welcome, or welcome back! Each year, unless otherwise requested, we clear all data from your LiveSchool site. This means all transactions, rosters, and students are no longer there, and Student/Parent accounts have been reset. If you're new to LiveSchool, your account is a blank slate! Either way, use this article to get everything up and running for a successful kick-off with LiveSchool!

Behavior Rubric and Rewards

The key to the successful utilization of LiveSchool is a foundation based on your school culture goals! Make sure to check out our guides on building a school-wide Behavior Rubric, What is a Behavior Rubric?, Create a Rubric Your Team Loves, and Organize Your Rubric, along with our Rewards Resources.

First Steps

A link will be shared with you via email. It will take you to your account and you'll be prompted to complete a few first steps. It will be helpful to have the following items on hand:

  • Start Dates and End Dates for your school year

  • Emails of your 3 to 5 Site Leaders

  • Student CSV file with First Name, Last Name, and Grade

  • Staff CSV file with First Name, Last Name, and Email

If you typically have a teacher or staff member complete your site setup, make sure you've given them Admin access to the site.

Get Started!

When you're Launching LiveSchool, click on "Get Started".

Clicking the link for launch that was shared with you via email, you will first be asked to log in and then you should see the following message. Upon logging in you will be asked for your start date and end date. Enter them here and select Next.

Enter your start and end dates of for your School Year.

Next, you’ll be prompted to invite any Site Leaders you want to add this year, by entering their email addresses.

Only those with Admin permissions will be able to complete this step. To give someone Admin permissions you can follow these steps. If there is a Site Leader you want to be removed, reach out to us at!

Enter the email of the Site Leader you'd like to Invite and click "Send Invite"

Make sure to select Send Invite to add a Site Leader. When all Site Leaders have been added click Next.

Launch Countdown

Once you've selected Next, a Launch Countdown will appear on your screen. This indicates how long you have until your indicated start date. If you want to practice with staff prior to your first day with students, you'll want to complete this step ahead of time.

A launch countdown will appear on your screen, letting you know how many days you have left before the start of your year.  Click on "Submit Files" to load your students and staff into LiveSchool.

Download and Prepare Your Files

For the next steps for submitting your student and staff files, click here!


Need to edit your start/end date or Site Leaders, no problem!

  • To edit your start/end date, return to the Home Screen and click on the date listed in the Launch Countdown

  • When editing Site Leaders or adding more in the future, you'll log into your account, click your initials in the upper right-hand corner, and select "Invite Site Leaders"

Looking for more LiveSchool Resources? Click here!

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