The LiveSchool Team wants to help bring your school culture to families with engaging points feedback. In the past, we have attempted to do this with Paychecks.

Paychecks Explained

Paychecks were weekly reports that you could send home with students to keep families in the loop on their child’s behavior. But, as you shared, Paychecks took a lot of work!


  • PDFs had to be generated and physically printed every week

  • Teachers or administrators had to distribute printed paychecks to all students

  • Paychecks could not be run for partial weeks

  • Points and Rewards could not be changed once Paychecks had been generated

Thank you for all this great feedback! With your help, we have created a new way to easily engage students and parents in your school culture with a weekly one-click email for seamless feedback... Recaps!

Introducing Recaps

When you enable Recaps, your students and parents will receive a LiveSchool Recap each week. With one click, they can access points, comments, point balance, and more!

In a Recap, students and parents can view:

  • Points & Comments. View detailed feedback from all classes in one place. Top Behaviors. See and celebrate student strengths regularly.

  • Live Points Balance. See the latest balance based on points from all teachers!

  • Weekly Graph. Spot trends in growth from week to week.

To use Recaps:

  1. Then let Recaps do the rest to keep families engaged in their student’s progress throughout the school year.

Recaps are based on the points and feedback you’re already tracking in your school-wide system. There’s no extra work for your staff to turn their points into regular feedback for students and parents. It’s a win-win!

Still want a paper report to send home? Check out our Student Dashboards!

Sunsetting Paychecks

We will officially be sunsetting Paychecks as of August 1, 2022. After that point, clicking on the Paychecks application in your LiveSchool app will result in an error.

If you’d still like to access a printed option, please print your Student Dashboards using these instructions.

Next Steps

Let’s get you and your school community started on Recaps!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

To learn more about using Recaps for Financial Literacy!

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