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LiveSchool Setup: Managing Students, Staff, and Site Settings
LiveSchool Setup: Managing Students, Staff, and Site Settings

The Setup portion of LiveSchool is where you go to edit Students and Staff, create your Behavior Rubric, and find various Site Settings.

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Welcome to your LiveSchool Setup guide, your go-to resource for mastering the essential features and functions of the LiveSchool Setup section:

In this guide, you'll learn how to edit student and staff profiles, create rosters, and access various site settings to customize LiveSchool to your school's specific needs. Let's dive in and explore how to manage the core aspects of your LiveSchool account.

The settings described in this guide are for schools that share students and staff through a spreadsheet. If your school syncs via Clever, please refer to our guide on managing your site with Clever instead.


The Setup Students screen provides a quick overview of student accounts, login histories, and the option to add new students:

  • First and Last Name: This displays the student's name.

  • Grade: Shows the student's grade level.

  • Balance: Refers to the number of Points available for spending on Rewards, different from the overall Point amount on the Points screen.

  • Gender: Displays the student's gender.

  • Last Login: Indicates the last time a student logged into their LiveSchool student account.

  • Parent Last Login: This shows the last time a parent or guardian logged into their LiveSchool parent account.

  • Parents: Indicates the number of parent accounts used out of the two available.

  • Export: Download the information from the Setup Students page as a CSV file.

  • New: Select this to add a new student. This method is recommended for small updates and is the only way to add new students to LiveSchool without involving our Support team.

  • Manage Access: Use this to print an Access Sheet for an individual student and to edit the email addresses and passwords of existing accounts.

  • Edit: Change the First Name, Last Name, Grade, and Gender of a student.

  • Delete: Remove a student from LiveSchool.

Edit Grade Level Rosters by changing a student's grade level on this screen. They cannot be edited through the Roster screen of LiveSchool.


The Setup Rosters page allows you to make edits to the Rosters that appear on the Points and Rewards screen:

  • Printer icon: Use this to edit Print Groups.

  • Staff icon: Share a Roster, granting additional users access to it.

  • Student icon: Add or remove students from Rosters. If the icon is grayed out, edits cannot be made to that Roster. This is true for Grade Level Rosters, which must be edited through the Setup Students screen.

  • More options: Select the three dots for additional choices.

    • Rename: Renames the Roster for all users, but this change applies only to the Roster screen, not the Points screen.

    • Print Access Codes: Bulk print Access Sheets for an entire Roster.

    • Hide Roster: Remove a Roster from your My Rosters screen. Rosters hidden on the Setup Rosters screen will also be hidden on the Points screen.

Admin Access: Users with admin access can switch between "My Rosters" and "All Rosters:

"My Rosters" displays Rosters shared with you, while "All Rosters" shows any Rosters created at your site.


You can add, edit, and delete users from the Setup Users screen:

This screen is also used to Invite users to confirm their accounts and monitor usage.


You can customize your LiveSchool experience by editing your behavior rubric, school information, points system, accessing monthly points logs, and managing site data from the Setup Site screen:

Editing Your Behavior Rubric

Your Behavior Rubric sets the foundation for LiveSchool's behavior tracking. It defines the behaviors you'll reward and the corresponding points. Here is a full walkthrough on updating your behavior rubric.

School Information

Maintaining accurate school information, like your time zone, is crucial. It ensures that Recaps are sent out at the correct time.

Points System

Set whether or not Demerits will be deducted from Student Point Balances. Choosing "Yes, Subtract Points" does not set Points to deduct from Houses.

To learn more about House Points balances, visit our article, Launch House Points.

Points Logs

A log of Points can be downloaded by month for the last 12 months of your subscription. If no Points were awarded that month, they will not appear. Learn more about the data and options in our article Points Logs.

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