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Transitioning from Daily Bonus Points to Select All
Transitioning from Daily Bonus Points to Select All

We will be sunsetting the Daily Bonus Points feature in July 2023 and replacing it with Select All.

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At LiveSchool, we're constantly working to improve student and staff relationships by providing an easier way to award points. To enhance this experience, we will be sunsetting the Daily Bonus Points feature in July 2023 and replacing it with something better: Select All.

Let's explore how this new feature will make assigning points seamless and efficient.

Understanding Daily Bonus Points

In the past, we offered Daily Bonus Points as a setting in the Setup section of LiveSchool. These points were granted to all students within a school based on the choice of the Site Leaders. However, we received valuable feedback from educators like you, pointing out some issues with Daily Bonus Points:

  1. Lack of Attribution and Visibility: Daily Bonus Points were not associated with any specific staff member and were not visible on the Points or Timeline screens within LiveSchool.

  2. Ambiguous Timestamps: While visible to students, parents, and in Recaps, Daily Bonus Points did not indicate the specific day or time they were awarded.

  3. Tracing Challenges: Since these points were not listed in the Monthly Points Logs, it was difficult to track them when reviewing a student's transaction history.

  4. Unwanted Points: Daily Bonus Points continued to be awarded during school breaks unless explicitly disabled, resulting in unintentional point accumulation.

  5. House Points Discrepancy: Unfortunately, Daily Bonus Points did not contribute to the House Points standings, which caused confusion among students earning points that weren't reflected in the House Standings.

Thank you for your valuable feedback! We appreciate your input in helping us make LiveSchool better.

With your assistance, we have developed an improved method of assigning points to your students: Select All.

Introducing Select All

Select All simplifies the process of awarding points to your students. With just one click, you can select all students in your grade-level roster and assign points based on their behavior and participation.

Red arrow pointing to Select All feature within LiveSchool Points screen

Let's explore the benefits:

For Staff Members:

  1. Improved Visibility: All points assigned through Select All will be attributed to the staff member who provided them, and they will be visible on the Points and Timeline screens within LiveSchool.

  2. Traceable Transactions: All points awarded using Select All will appear in the Monthly Points Logs, making it easy to track and review each student's point history.

  3. House Standings Integration: Every point assigned via Select All will be reflected in the House Points standings, ensuring accurate and up-to-date House competitions.

For Students and Parents:

  1. Clearer Transactions: Students and parents can see all awarded points, including the date and time they were recorded, in their student and parent accounts, as well as in Recaps.

  2. Less Confusing Points: With Select All, accidental point assignments during school breaks will be a thing of the past, providing a more accurate representation of student achievements.

Using Select All

To leverage the power of Select All with your grade-level rosters, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a Behavior: Define a behavior on your rubric that captures the value you want to recognize and award to students.

  2. Roster Selection: Designate one staff member (or a grade-level leader from each grade) to select the applicable grade-level roster(s).

  3. Select All: Click the "Select All" button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  4. Assign Points: Choose the behavior you wish to award to all students, and optionally, add a comment to provide additional context.

  5. Submit: Click the "Submit" button to assign the points to all selected students.

Voila! All students will now receive the designated points, properly attributed to the staff member(s) who awarded them. These points will be visible throughout LiveSchool, making it a win-win for everyone involved.

Select All in Action

Here is a quick video walkthrough of using Select All to award points to your students:

We hope this transition from Daily Bonus Points to Select All will enhance your experience in recognizing your students' achievements. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is here to help at

Thank you for your continued support in making LiveSchool a fantastic platform for promoting positive student behavior and engagement!

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