June 1, 2022
To Whom It May Concern,

This letter has been written to confirm that the LiveSchool school-wide behavior management and reporting platform is a sole source product. The database and software are manufactured, sold, and distributed exclusively by LiveSchool, Inc.

LiveSchool, Inc. maintains all copyright privileges for its products and these products must be purchased directly from the company. There are no agents or dealers authorized to represent these products and no division of LiveSchool, Inc. has any right of sub-license to make a similar or competing product.

LiveSchool, Inc. is designed to provide schools with a real-time platform to track student behavior, share information between teachers, communicate regularly with parents, and manage a school-wide token economy in alignment with a Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) implementation. The subscription-based product includes training resources and support.

LiveSchool, Inc. warrants that no other items or products are available for purchase that would serve the same purpose or function and there is only one price for the above-named product because of exclusive distribution and marketing rights.

If you desire additional information, please contact me by email at matt@liveschoolinc.com.


Matt Rubinstein Founder/CEO LiveSchool

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