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An introduction to awarding points, adding comments, point data, and more!

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LiveSchool revolves around recognizing and encouraging positive student choices through points. This article provides a detailed overview of LiveSchool points, including how they are earned, their significance, and how they contribute to building a positive school culture.

What is a LiveSchool Point?

LiveSchool points are a reflection of the school-wide behavior expectations set for students. Students earn points as they move from class to class, and all teachers contribute to a student's point balance, acting as a "bank account" for points earned. Teachers can award points to students in various school settings, such as the hallway, cafeteria, or playground.

The Power of Points

Points play a vital role in shaping school-wide systems that provide feedback to students and parents while fostering a positive culture within the school. Additionally, points are aggregated into real-time data reports, allowing administrators to identify areas that require additional support and ensuring equitable behavior feedback distribution.

Awarding Points

Select your Student(s)

Teachers can award points by selecting students from the Points screen. There are various methods to view and choose students for point awards, including the Roster Picker, Search feature, or Select All option:

Roster Picker

Use the Roster Picker to select a roster and view only the students you are teaching:

On the Points Screen, select the Roster Picker in the top, left corner, beneath the word "Points".
  • You can also organize students by grade using the Roster Picker.

  • It lists both the rosters you've created and those shared with you.

  • You can hide or unhide rosters to keep your list organized.

  • Renaming rosters is possible, but note that this change affects all staff with access to that roster.

Search for Student(s)

The search feature in the top right corner enables you to quickly find any student in the school – perfect for awarding points in areas like the cafeteria or during recess:

Click on the search icon in the top, right corner. Type in a student name to go directly to that student to award points.

Select All

Select All simplifies the process of awarding points to your entire class:

Choose the icon made of rectangles in the top, right corner, which is the "Select All" icon.
  • This feature can create excitement during procedures and routines.

  • It allows you to deselect students who do not meet expectations.

  • The Select All icon is a series of rectangles located in the top-right corner of the Points screen.

Record Behaviors and Award Points

After selecting students, teachers can access the school-wide rubric:

Once you click on "Continue" you can select the behaviors you'd like to award and then select "Submit".
  • Teachers can choose behaviors to record and click "Submit" to award points.

  • Additional details, such as comments, time, and location, can be added using the "Comment" or "More" (3 dots) buttons.

Point Bubbles

Visualize points awarded to students through point bubbles – green for positive points and red for negative points:

When you award Points, merits will show in green and demerits will show in red.  A comment icon will appear on the Student Cards of students whose points have included a comment.

Specific points and comments for a student can be viewed by selecting the student, clicking the three dots, and choosing "Timeline."

Date and Location Customization

Teachers can retrospectively modify the date and time of a point using the time selector in the top right corner:

After selecting the behaviors you'd like to award, select the three dots in the top, right corner.  The drop-down that opens will allow you to set the location and time.

If a behavior occurs outside the classroom, teachers can also select an appropriate location.

Point Bubble Display Options

Customize how point bubbles are displayed:

To change what appears on your Points screen, select the three dots in the top, right corner.  There you can edit the timeframe being displayed, along with whether you are viewing only the Points you awarded or Points awarded by all teachers.

Less Paperwork, More Teamwork!

LiveSchool automatically compiles the awarded points into real-time reports, including Timeline, Scoreboards, and Dashboards. These data reports enable teachers and administrators to better understand student behavior, identify trends, and focus on areas that require additional support.

Reward Great Behavior with Awesome Rewards

Points are linked to incentives, rewards, and celebrations, creating a fun and motivating environment for students:

Provide Feedback to Students and Families

Schools can use LiveSchool's student and parent/guardian app to provide direct access to points and feedback for families, strengthening the home-school connection:

What Teachers Are Saying

Hear from teachers who have successfully integrated LiveSchool into their classrooms and experienced its positive impact on student behavior and engagement:

"I love LiveSchool. It gives the kids instant feedback, and gives me the data  need for progress monitoring." Ms. Kemper

"LiveSchool is the best, most effective accountability program I've used in ALL my years of teaching." Ms. Ianos

"The kids love our LiveSchool program. It works!" Ms. Gascon

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