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Tips and tools for customizing and utilizing your school points system.

Award Your First PointAn introduction to awarding points, adding comments, point data, and more!
Customize LiveSchool for your ClassroomEdit the record screen to display certain information, edit sounds and popups, and arrange your student names in different ways
Action BarLearn more about each feature located on our Action Bar.
Student Point BubblesLearn about the different ways throughout LiveSchool to display Point values per student for specific purposes.
Behavior Rubric Templates for LiveSchoolSome inspiration for creating or updating your LiveSchool Behavior Rubric
See How Many Points You've Issued to Each StudentHow to use our Insights reports to see the total number of Points you've given to each student
Introduction to Points LogsDownload details for every Point and Reward your school has recorded by month
Tips & TricksThe top 10 pro-tips and best practices to get the most out of LiveSchool.
Best Practices from the ResearchInsights on Effective Positive Reinforcement Strategies
Introduction to the RandomizerUse the LiveSchool Randomizer when calling on students and awarding points!
Introduction to the TimerUse our LiveSchool timer in your classroom!
Introduction to the StopwatchUse our LiveSchool stopwatch in your classroom
Introduction to the CalculatorUse our LiveSchool calculator in your classroom
Ideas and Best PracticesTips and best practices for incorporating LiveSchool points into your class routine.
Engage Your Students with Class ToolsAll about LiveSchool's built-in tools to engage students and run systems.
Set Up Staff Notifications in the Behavior RubricNotify staff or admin when certain behaviors are awarded to students.
Student Reward Templates and CertificatesRecognize great student behavior and accomplishments, and help incentivize teachers, with our LiveSchool certificate and reward coupon!
Use Your Phone as a LiveSchool Remote ControlLearn about our Sync feature, and how to project LiveSchool to the class.
Difference Between Points and RewardsUnderstand why your Points screen displays a different amount than your Rewards screen.
Setting Point Expectations in LiveSchoolFostering Positive Behavior and Transparent Communication
Reinforcing Behaviors in LiveSchoolA Guide to Doubling Point Values