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Viewing and Undoing Points with Timeline

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From the Points screen, select a student name and then click on the three dots in the top, right corner.  Select Timeline from the dropdown menu.  When on the Timeline, select the red x to the right of the transaction you'd like to delete.

Steps to Undo a Point

  1. Click the Student you need to undo points for

  2. Click the More button (3 dots)

  3. Select Timeline

  4. Click the red X

  5. Confirm you'd like to delete the point

Past point submissions cannot be edited. However, you can delete them and submit them again at a date and time in the past. Find those directions here!

Undo a Point for a Single Student when Multiple were Selected

After searching for a student, a "Delete Record" box will appear.  Choose between, "Delete for Student only" or "Delete for all" and then select Delete.

You can delete a point submission for a single student, even if multiple students were selected for it by searching for that student.

  1. Click on the Student tab at the top of the column on the Timeline.

  2. Search for the Student name.

  3. Click the red X for the point submission you'd like to delete.

  4. Leave the option "Delete for Student Name Only" selected, and click on Delete.

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