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Change the Date or Location of a Point
Change the Date or Location of a Point

Backdate or retroactively award a point and/or change the location of where it was given.

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Sometimes, as teachers, we realize we need to make adjustments to the points we've given students. Whether it's correcting a mistake or retroactively recording a point, LiveSchool makes it easy to change the date or location of a point.

Editing the Date and Time of a Point

  1. Select the Student: Begin by selecting the student whose point you need to modify.

  2. Click Continue: Once you've chosen the student, click on "Continue" to proceed.

  3. Edit the Date and Time: On the Action Bar, you'll find the Time Selector. Use this tool to choose the new date and time for the point. Simply select the desired date and time, and LiveSchool will automatically update the information.

    Once you've selected a student and clicked on continue you can edit the date and time you gave a Point.

Changing the Location

If the behavior occurred outside of the classroom, you can also specify where it took place.

Please note that LiveSchool currently does not support custom locations.

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