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Selecting Multiple Behaviors at Once
Selecting Multiple Behaviors at Once

Award student points for more than one behavior at a time

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Select the student(s) you'd like to award Points to, click Continue to select multiple behaviors.

Once you've selected students on the Points screen and selected Continue, you'll see your school-wide rubric. Once there, you can select multiple behaviors at a time to award to a single student, or to multiple-selected students.

A few notes about the Behavior Rubric:

  • Site Leaders develop one Behavior Rubric, which will be the same for all teachers at the school

  • Everyone can hide or show categories to customize their view of the Behavior Rubric. The "Hide" button is located to the right of each category header

    • Hiding Categories when viewing the rubric will NOT hide the Categories for other users

  • When you click on a Point, you’ll see the Point's value

  • Select as many Points as you’d like to record by clicking on the positive or negative icon for each behavior

  • Double-tapping on a Point (even with others selected) will select and submit the Point(s) at one time

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