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Behavior Rubric Templates for LiveSchool
Behavior Rubric Templates for LiveSchool

Some inspiration for creating or updating your LiveSchool behavior rubric

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Are you looking for some ideas for your LiveSchool rubric? Here are a few ways that some of our partner schools set up their rubrics!


This approach uses your general values as the basis of your rubric. This works well when teachers and administrators are passionate about instilling a lasting code of conduct that students will carry with them throughout their lives. Here are some examples of values-based categories and behaviors:

To create a values-based rubric in LiveSchool, you’ll want to identify general values first. These could include respect, dedication, excellence, safety, or accountability. Each value should be distilled into a simple word or phrase (extra credit if you can work your core terms into a catchy acronym).

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Competencies

SEL instruction and practices help make students more resilient in both “real life” and daily learning. SEL skills help students regulate feelings and emotions, leading to more positive behaviors.

You can use your LiveSchool behavior rubric to provide students with positive points when they practice SEL skills like self-awareness and self-management. For more ideas on SEL strategies, please see:


Does your school have certain locations that seem to attract chaos? Consider organizing your rubric by area: give each location a set of specific behavior expectations. Here are some examples of location-based categories and behaviors:

This structure is accessible and easy to understand, especially for younger grades. But it could also be limited since each expectation is tied to a specific location. Teachers may need to offer extra encouragement to keep that line in a single file when students cross from the hallway into the auditorium.

Other Ideas

House Events

Are you hosting events where Houses compete with one another? Consider a section of your rubric where a House is awarded with points for winning those competitions:


Want a quick way to note that there was an announcement, comment, or update relevant to a student? Consider a section with 0-point behaviors that makes a note on a student's timeline to share with families:


Note: LiveSchool was built to be a schoolwide system to support Tier I behavior supports, but we do have creative school partners who customize their behavior rubric to account for Tier II and Tier III Positive Behavior Interventions, as well!

Does your behavior matrix account for students demonstrating varying levels of a specific skill? If you would like to recognize a student who has gone above and beyond a behavior expectation, try a category with various point amounts attributed to the same skill:


Do you have students that are working on skills for their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)? Consider having a section devoted to their goals that captures how often they are expressing mastery of a specific skill:


Want to reward students for good attendance? Instead of making it a daily chore, consider marking it once at the end of the quarter.

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