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Creating an "Other" Behavior in Your LiveSchool Rubric
Creating an "Other" Behavior in Your LiveSchool Rubric

Adapting your rubric to the unique needs of your teachers and students

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In LiveSchool, you have the flexibility to accommodate unique behaviors or ones that haven't been predefined. This can be achieved by adding an "Other" behavior to your rubric. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Access Rubric Editing: As a site leader, navigate to the Points section and choose the "Edit Rubric" option:

  2. Create a New Behavior: Within the editing interface, create a new behavior and name it something like "Other." Assign a specific point value to it.

  3. Empower Your Teachers: Once you've added the "Other" behavior, all teachers on your LiveSchool platform can utilize it when awarding points to students.

  4. Adding Comments: Teachers can now use the "Other" category and accompany it with a comment to explain why they are awarding points for this particular behavior.

  5. Feedback Welcome: Encourage your teachers to try out this feature and share their thoughts. We value your feedback and are here to assist if you have any questions.

By incorporating the "Other" behavior, LiveSchool becomes even more adaptable to the unique needs of your teachers and students.

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