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Submitting Your Student and Staff FilesThis article will guide you through the process of submitting your student and staff files to launch LiveSchool from within your site.
Common Errors with Student and Staff FilesWhen attaching your student and staff files, you might see these typical errors.
Submitting Additional RostersSubmit a file of additional student and staff Rosters for our Support team to upload!
Saving/Transferring Bank Account BalancesShare Points balances from previous PBIS platforms for upload to LiveSchool.
LiveSchool's Yearly Site ClearAll site data is deleted each year to prepare for the new school year - learn more and save your data before July 1st!
Additional Sites in LiveSchoolGenerally, each school uses one LiveSchool site, but there are some exceptions as covered in this article.
Site Launch ChecklistWhether new or returning, this checklist will guide you through a seamless start!
Teacher Quick Start GuideIn this guide, you'll find how to incorporate a Points System in your Classroom – quickly and effectively.
LiveSchool Training WebinarsOptions for learning more about awarding points, navigating rosters, engaging students, diving into data, and family communication
Transitioning from Daily Bonus Points to Select AllWe will be sunsetting the Daily Bonus Points feature in July 2023 and replacing it with Select All.
Recognize and Reward Your StaffHow to provide positive reinforcement to encourage positive behavior among your staff members in LiveSchool