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Invite Your Teachers to Create a LiveSchool Account
Invite Your Teachers to Create a LiveSchool Account

How to send the staff at your school an email to create a LiveSchool account.

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Only Site Leaders will see the option to Send Invites to teachers and staff.

From the Users Setup screen, click "Send Invites" from the top center.

When Users have been bulk added at the beginning of the year, either through CSV or Clever, they won't automatically receive an invitation. From the Main Menu select Setup and then Users, Rosters & Site and choose Users. In the top center there will be a button that says Send Invites. Click here for all Users to receive a setup email.

Adding a user from the Setup screen will automatically send an Invitation.

If a user doesn't accept their initial invitation, you'll see the option to Resend the invitation. Inactive users, those who accepted their initial invitation, but haven't been actively utilizing their account, cannot be resent an invitation. However, if they've forgotten their Password, they can simply click "Forgot Password".

Users can also be invited one at a time by clicking Invite from the row with their name.

Email Notification

Users will receive an email with a button that says, "Open LiveSchool".

Teachers are sent our invite email – view our invite email here – and must use this email to create an account.

Teachers can click "Open LiveSchool" and will be asked to confirm their information before setting a password and logging in!

Email us at if you have any issues.

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