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Add a New Admin or Teacher User
Add a New Admin or Teacher User

SIte Leaders can add a new user to their LiveSchool site

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To efficiently manage your LiveSchool platform, Site Leaders can add new users in bulk by sending us a spreadsheet.

Adding a New User

To begin, Site Leaders should navigate to the Main Menu and select "Setup." From there, click on "Users" and locate the "+New User" option in the top-right corner:

Click on Users and then +New User.  Enter first name, last name, and email.  Then decide between teacher and Admin.

If you receive a notice indicating the need to purchase more seats, you can either delete a user before adding a new one or contact for assistance.

If a user has "SIS" next to their name, they must be removed from your SIS or filtered from your Clever sync to be deleted from LiveSchool.

Fill in the necessary details for the new user, including their title, name, and email address. You can also specify whether the user should have admin permissions. Once you click "Add User" an invitation will be sent with a prompt to create an account.

New users must use the invitation email to create an account. This ensures that their account is properly linked to your school.

Teacher vs Admin Privileges

Admin users have additional privileges within LiveSchool, allowing them to manage site-wide settings such as the behavior rubric and student list. Here's a summary of the additional permissions granted to admin users and site leaders:

Encountering Email Issues?

If you notice a red box around an email address, it means that the email is already associated with a LiveSchool account:

If a red box appears around the email address this means that email address is already in the LiveSchool system.

If you notice a red box around an email address, it means that the email is already associated with a LiveSchool account. In such cases, the teacher or administrator can edit their email address to log into their existing LiveSchool account, allowing their primary email to be used with your school's account. If the teacher is a Clever user, they may need to wait until their school of record is updated in your SIS.

We're here to assist you every step of the way! Feel free to chat with us in the app or email us at

For staff members working with LiveSchool at multiple schools, you can create separate logins for each school by adding "+SchoolName" (or any other text) before the "@" sign in their email address.

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