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Delete a User from LiveSchool
Delete a User from LiveSchool

How to delete an admin or teacher user from LiveSchool.

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Only Site Leaders can delete a user from LiveSchool. Deleting a user will delete their usage data (you will not see the user on the Teachers Scoreboard); however, any Points issued by the user will remain accessible when viewing students' data (students will not lose any Points).

Click on Users and then the red x to the right of the user and confirm you'd like to delete the user.

From the Main Menu, select Setup and then Users. Click the red X to the far right of the User you'd like to delete.

If the User has a lock symbol instead of a red X that means that their data is syncing from Clever and they need to be deleted from your SIS. If that User is taking one of your licensed seats reach out to for additional support.

Making space for another user? Use these instructions to add a new user to LiveSchool.

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