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Clear Your Entire LiveSchool Account
Clear Your Entire LiveSchool Account

Reset your data from LiveSchool

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Only Admin users can clear the Site's Data.

Clearing Site Data is NOT required to restart a House Points Competition or to reset Student Bank Account Balances for spending.

C‍learing Site Data

Clearing all site data will delete ALL issued:

  • Merits

  • Demerits

  • Rewards

  • Insights data

This will not delete any students, teachers, or Rosters you have created.

The clear occurs as of the date selected. You get 90 days to undo this choice before all data is permanently removed.

Scroll down to see a list of reports we suggest you download before clearing your site.

To Clear Site Data:

  • Go to Menu > Setup > Data Settings

  • Find "Clear Site Data"

  • Set the date on which you'd like the data reset, all data prior to this date will be permanently removed

Before you Clear

It’s easy to save your data! Before you proceed with clearing your data we suggest you download the following reports so you can always refer back and see your improvements over time.


Points Logs

Only Admin users have access to Points Logs.

Go to Setup > User, Rosters & Site > Points Logs and then select which month you'd like to view.

To export every Point recorded in the last 12 months, along with Rewards purchased, download your monthly Points Logs. Go to Setup > Users, Rosters, & Site > Site > Points Logs to access this year’s points by month. View our article Download Points Logs for more info.

Even if you're not sure how you will use Points Logs, they're still helpful to hold onto – you never know when they might come in handy!

Student Dashboards

Here's an example of a School Dashboard.  It shows Points, Demerits, Ratio, Earned, and Spent.

The Student Dashboard (Insights > Dashboards > Student) provides an overview for each student. You can see the positive and negative behaviors the students exhibited the most, plus some other useful info to refer back to and celebrate the student’s improvements.

You can batch-print Student Dashboards for your entire school (or for specific rosters) at once! See how to here.

To learn more about Student Dashboards, view our Download a Student Dashboard article

School Dashboard

A School Dashboard (Insights > Dashboards > School) is a great way to get an overview of the year at a glance (or for each quarter if you adjust the time frame). It shows your top students, behaviors, teachers, and rewards so you can quickly understand your top performers and those that might need more support.

To learn more about the School Dashboard, view our Introduction to Dashboards article.

Teachers Scoreboard

Only Admin users have access to the Teachers Scoreboard.

From the teacher Scoreboard, select merits and sort high to low.

A Teachers Scoreboard (Insights > Scoreboards > Teachers) helps you see the total points each teacher has given and the ratio of their positive to negative points. Use this to better understand your system’s fidelity and support the teachers who have a hard time awarding as many Points as their peers.

To learn more about Scoreboards, view our Introduction to Scoreboards article.

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