Running Your Rewards System

How to effectively run your LiveSchool Rewards system, offering tangible and intangible rewards to students based on their earned points.

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Rewards System: The Key to Student Buy-In

To ensure students value their earned points, it's essential that they understand the reasons behind earning them. A rewards system in LiveSchool serves as an effective means to achieve this goal.

There are various types of reward systems that can be implemented using LiveSchool:

  1. Tangible Rewards: These include physical items like candy, pop sockets, and other small items that students can purchase with their points.

  2. Intangible Rewards: Privileges and benefits that do not involve physical items but are equally appealing, such as early dismissal or a special privilege day.

  3. Point Goal Incentives: Encouraging students to achieve a specific number of points within a defined time period to earn a particular reward or recognition.

In this article, our focus will be on using the Rewards Store feature in LiveSchool, which allows students to redeem their points for a range of tangible and intangible rewards.

Before proceeding, ensure you have set up your Rewards Store. For guidance, refer to our article, "Create and Edit Your Rewards Menu."

Running Your Rewards Store

Point Balance and Selecting Students

On the Rewards Screen, use either the Roster Picker or the Search function to find the student who would like to purchase a reward.
  1. On the Rewards Screen, use either the Roster Picker or the Search function to find the student who wants to purchase a reward.

  2. The Rewards Screen displays each student's Point balance, representing the amount of points they can spend on rewards.

You have several options for selecting students during the purchasing process:

  • View students by rosters using the "Roster Picker."

  • View students by grade using the "Roster Picker."

  • Search for any student(s) in the school.

Once the students are selected, they can proceed with the checkout process.

Student Check Out

Once you've selected a student, select continue and choose the one or many Rewards the student is purchasing.
  1. After selecting a student, click "Continue," and then choose the reward(s) they wish to purchase.

  2. The process of purchasing reward items is similar to giving points in LiveSchool. Select the item(s) the student wants to purchase, and any items they don't have enough points for will automatically gray out.

Fast Checkout

Choose the three dots in the top, right corner to select students for Fast Checkout.
  • Use the "Fast Checkout" feature for selling one item at a time, such as raffle tickets.

  • Enable Fast Checkout to view the number of times a student has already purchased a particular item, and to check out multiple students at once with fewer clicks.

Purchase History

View a students purchase history by selecting their name on the Rewards screen, clicking the three dots in the top, right corner, and open the Timeline.
  • Access the Timeline from the Rewards Store to view a student's purchase history.

  • By selecting a student's name on the Rewards screen and clicking the three dots in the top right corner, you can access a pre-filtered Timeline that displays only the reward items purchased for that student.

Refunding a Reward

If you need to refund a reward, contact our support team by clicking on "Support" and chatting with us or sending an email to We'll confirm the refund and restore the student's point balance accordingly. Site Leaders can also check out our article on how to Refund a Reward.

Rewards Store Data

Who's Purchased a Specific Reward?

From the Timeline, filter for a specific Reward and a specific time frame.  Then Download in the bottom, right corner.
  • To download a list of students who have purchased a specific reward, go to Insights and then Timeline from the Main Menu.

  • Apply a filter by clicking the "Item" column header and searching for the desired reward.

  • The filtered Timeline will display only the purchases of that specific reward made by all students and teachers within the selected time period.

  • Click the Download button to save the list as a CSV file.

Most Popular Rewards

View your most popular Rewards by going to the Rewards Scoreboard.  Then sort the Rewards highest to lowest.
  • View your most popular rewards by going to the Rewards Scoreboard in Insights.

  • Sort the Scoreboard from highest to lowest to see the number of points spent on each reward item.

  • To view the number of times each reward item has been purchased, turn off "Weight By Points" by clicking the Settings button in the top right corner.

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