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Resources to onboard your teachers in LiveSchool and set them up for success

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LiveSchool is a powerful platform that empowers educators to manage classrooms effectively and reward positive student behavior. This guide is designed to help schools unlock the full potential of LiveSchool by providing comprehensive training for both educators and site leaders.

Site Leader Training Webinars

For Site Leaders, LiveSchool offers free training webinars. These sessions cover critical topics such as establishing and updating behavior rubrics, managing the Rewards Store, organizing students into houses, and ensuring accurate rosters.

Teacher Training Webinars

Educators can also benefit from free training webinars. These sessions are tailored to new and returning teachers and cover essential tasks like awarding points, navigating rosters, analyzing data, and effective communication with students and families.

Train Your Teachers

Inviting Your Teachers to Log In

To kickstart the LiveSchool journey, it's essential to invite educators to create their accounts. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Educators will receive an email from with a personalized link to create their accounts.

  2. Upon accessing the link, they'll confirm their title and name, set a password, and activate their accounts.

Full Training (1 hour)

For a comprehensive understanding of LiveSchool, consider a full training session:

Here's a structured approach:

  1. Teacher Training Deck: Use the Teacher Training deck during professional development to introduce LiveSchool. Customize the slides to align with your school's vision, emphasizing the purpose of LiveSchool.

  2. Setting Expectations: Engage teachers in a discussion about the school's behavior rubric, clarifying expectations for students and explaining the reasons behind them. Understanding the "Why" behind LiveSchool enhances its role in supporting positive behavior.

  3. Point System: Explain the school's chosen point system, whether it tracks positive and negative behaviors or focuses solely on positive ones. Clarify how negative points may affect a student's overall balance.

  4. Rewards and Motivation: Highlight how accumulated points lead to rewards, such as accessing a reward store, point goal rewards, or House Points. Emphasize the positive impact on student motivation.

  5. Feedback Loops: Introduce the feedback loops available to students and parents through Student and Parent Accounts and Recaps. Encourage teachers to engage with these features for improved communication and student development.

Quickstart/Refresher Training

For time-constrained situations or quick refreshers, these options work well:

  1. LiveSchool Onboarding Videos: Share a video playlist guiding teachers on creating and managing rosters, awarding points, customizing settings, viewing house assignments, redeeming rewards, and more.

  2. LiveSchool in 20 Minutes Deck: Customize a brief training deck for a quick rundown of essential LiveSchool tasks.

  3. LiveSchool in 20 Minutes Video: Share a video tutorial where a LiveSchool expert demonstrates setup and key features. Visual guides speed up the learning process.

  4. Teacher Quick Start Guide: Email teachers the Teacher Quick Start Guide, a concise, step-by-step reference for using LiveSchool efficiently.

  5. LiveSchool Cheat Sheet: Distribute a printed LiveSchool Cheat Sheet containing essential shortcuts and tips to maximize the LiveSchool experience.

For more getting started resources, check out our Resources page.

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