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Getting Started
Getting Started

Planning resources to set up your LiveSchool site, and implement with students, staff, and families

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Setting up your Site

Discover all the essential resources and step-by-step guidance in the Help Article section, including setting up your LiveSchool site, creating behavior rubrics, running rewards systems, launching House Points, and ensuring optimal performance with safelisting and bookmarking options.

Planning ResourcesUse our self-guided resources to set up your LiveSchool site. We include examples, video tutorials, and downloadable resources.
Site Leaders in LiveSchoolSite Leaders are decision makers for your site and are key to a successful LiveSchool rollout!
Create Your Behavior RubricThe behavior rubric is one of the most important parts of your points system.
Running Your Rewards SystemHow to effectively run your LiveSchool Rewards system, offering tangible and intangible rewards to students based on their earned points.
Launch House PointsAn overview of all the steps to take to set up House Points in LiveSchool.
Safelisting LiveSchool Based on PerformanceAdd LiveSchool, and the tools we use to run it, to your "trusted sites", sometimes called whitelisting, allowlisting, or blocklisting.
Adding a LiveSchool Bookmark to Your Android Home ScreenQuick and easy access to LiveSchool for Educators, Students, and Families
Tracking Student Hallway Behavior with LiveSchoolTrack student hallways passes and bathroom visits by updating your rubric, setting live notifications, and reviewing detailed timelines.
District Implementation GuideInvaluable insights on integrating LiveSchool seamlessly into your school district to foster a positive school and district culture.