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Tracking Student Hallway Behavior with LiveSchool
Tracking Student Hallway Behavior with LiveSchool

Track student hallways passes and bathroom visits by updating your rubric, setting live notifications, and reviewing detailed timelines.

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LiveSchool provides various options to track when students leave and return from the hallway or bathroom.

Update your rubric behaviors

  • Add specific behaviors like "Student left the classroom with hallway pass" and "Student returned from the hallway."

  • When a student leaves, select the left classroom behavior, and select the returned behavior when they return. This will create a timeline showing when each student left and returned.

Set real-time notifications

For a full walkthrough, see Setting Real-Time Notifications in Timeline.

  • In the Insights timeline, filter to the relevant behaviors like demerits.

  • Turn "Desktop Alerts" and "Sounds" on to get alerts when those behaviors occur.

  • Optionally, filter notifications to specific students only. Get desktop notifications with sounds when selected students leave or return to class.

Monitor hallway visits:

  • Teachers and administrators can now check any student's timeline to see all instances of them leaving and returning. You might determine that if someone used a hallway pass in the previous class, they are not also able to use a hallway pass in your class, for example.

  • All educators, students, and families can view the exact minute a student left and the minute they returned to quickly identify students taking longer than expected in the hallway.

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