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Automatically Send Weekly Feedback to Students and Parents with Recaps
Automatically Send Weekly Feedback to Students and Parents with Recaps

Build better feedback loops! Help students and parents review their LiveSchool Points data every week, easily and automatically.

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All About Recaps

The Recaps email will include student point balances, transaction history, and spending availability.

Recaps lets you deliver a weekly summary email to students and parents. With one click, they'll have access to features like Points balance, Points and comments, and more!

Setting up Recaps is easy!

Here are some of our favorite resources for introducing Recaps to your community:

How To Enable Recap Delivery for Your School

Enable Automatic Recap Delivery

Recaps are only delivered via email when a LiveSchool Admin enables them in your school's settings.

  1. From the Main Menu in LiveSchool, go to the Recaps section.

  2. In the "Delivery Day" section, choose the delivery day you'd like Recap emails to go out each week.

  3. In the "Automatic Weekly Recap Emails" section, toggle to "On."

  4. Confirm that you are ready to begin sending Recap emails each week.

Once you've enabled Recaps delivery, any parents with LiveSchool accounts will receive a courtesy email notifying them that Recaps will start delivering going forward.

Each week, the student's Recaps email will automatically be delivered on the day you set between 5-9 pm based on the school's timezone.

Toggle Recap Emails to On

How to Manage Recaps for Your School

Disable Recap Delivery

Once you've enabled Recaps at your school, your LiveSchool Admin can disable Recap delivery at any time. Use this to pause over holiday breaks, or turn off Recaps at the end of your school year.

  1. From the Main Menu in LiveSchool, go to the Recaps section.

  2. In the "Automatic Weekly Recap Emails" section, toggle to "Off."

Students and parents are not notified when Recaps delivery is disabled.

When you turn off Recaps delivery, students and parents can no longer use previous Recap email Magic Links to view their Recaps. When they click an existing Recap email link, they are shown the following:

When Recaps are turned off, students and parents will receive an error message.

Change Delivery Day

LiveSchool Admin can change the delivery day of your school's Recaps at any time. Doing so changes the logic of the "reporting period" on the Recaps view for students and parents.

  1. From the Main Menu in LiveSchool, go to the Recaps section.

  2. In the "Delivery Day" section, choose the delivery day you'd like Recap emails to go out each week. Again, emails are delivered between 5PM and 9PM on the selected day according to your school's timezone.

  3. On the next weekly cycle, your Recap emails will go out on the newly selected day.

Select a Delivery Day for your Recaps email.

Note that the "Automatic Weekly Recap Emails" section must be toggled to "On" for students and parents to see any effect of this change.

The selected Delivery Day determines the summarized reporting window on the Recaps view. For example, if you select Monday as your delivery day, the reporting period will run from Sunday to Monday in the Recap view for students and parents. When you change this, the Recap view is automatically changed retroactively when students and parents view it.

How To Set Up Parents and Students to Receive Recaps

Students and parents must have LiveSchool accounts in order to receive their weekly Recap email. When you enable delivery, the weekly Recap summary email goes to the email addresses of students and parents who have created accounts. Think of Recaps as an additional communication option on top of the student and parent accounts.

The use of Student and Parent accounts is not changed when using Recaps. They can still log in to their LiveSchool account anytime and check their data. They'll even find a link at the bottom of their Recaps to help them log in.

For more detail on inviting students and parents to create accounts and receive Recaps, see the following articles:

How to Update Student and Parent Email Addresses for Recap Delivery

Once students and parents have created LiveSchool accounts, you or your staff can manage their email and password settings on their behalf. Because Recap delivery uses the same email as the student and parent's LiveSchool account, changing a student or parent's email address in LiveSchool will change the address to which their Recap email is sent when delivery is enabled.

About Recap Delivery When Clever Single Sign On for Students is Enabled

It's important to note that if your school has Clever Single Sign On for students enabled with LiveSchool, the email address to which student Recaps will be delivered is managed by Clever.

If you wish to manage the email address for a student when using Clever SSO, you must make this change in Clever — not LiveSchool. Please contact your Clever administrator to manage the student's email address.

How To View a Student's Recap At Any Time

Teachers and Admins at your school can access any student's Recap at any time, even if Recap delivery is not enabled. This is a great tool for 1:1 conferences with students or parents or to gauge whether you want to enable Recaps as a school.

To access a student's Recap:

  1. From the Main Menu in LiveSchool, go to the Recaps section.

  2. In the "View a Student's Recap" section, type a student's name. You can type last name or first name. As you add detail, a list of matches will form. When you find your desired student, click to select him/her.

  3. Click the View Recap button to the right of the student name. The student's most recent Recap will open in another window.

Search for any student to view their Recap.

You cannot share the URL of this teacher Recap view with a student or parent — this view is only visible by LiveSchool admins or teachers. To share Recaps with students and parents, invite them to create accounts and enable Recap delivery at your school so that they will receive the weekly email with a private, secure Magic Link to their Recap.

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