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Get Started with LiveSchool's Student Account
Get Started with LiveSchool's Student Account

Learn how to register for a LiveSchool account!

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Welcome to LiveSchool!

This guide helps you create your LiveSchool student account.

You must have an Access Code provided by your school to complete the registration process unless you log in via Clever.

If you are using Clever, see this article for instructions.

Step 1: Get an Access Code from Your School

If you haven't received your Access Codes, ask a teacher or school staff member for the code needed to register.

Step 2: Create a LiveSchool Account

With your Access Code ready, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Access Code, email, and create a secure password.

Your username can be any unique email not already in LiveSchool. Careful not to create a fake email that may be someone else's real email as they will receive your Recaps data.

Step 3: Review Your Weekly Recap Email (Certain Schools Only)

After account creation, you might start getting weekly Recaps emails:

The Recaps email will show Points transactions from the last week, along with an overall Point balance.

  • These summarize Points transactions from the last week and your overall Point balance.

  • To access your weekly summary, open the email and click the Magic Link inside.‍

Frequently Asked Questions

What Devices Can I Use to Access LiveSchool?

You can access LiveSchool Student from from your phone, tablet, or computer. Or, for Apple devices, you can download the LiveSchool Student app from the App Store.

How Can I Earn More Points?

If you're interested in earning more points, don't hesitate to ask your teachers for feedback on how to improve your behavior. However, be sure to wait for an appropriate time, like after class, to discuss this.

I See Data in LiveSchool That Isn't Right. What Can I Do?

If you notice incorrect information in LiveSchool, kindly approach a teacher and ask them to double-check the information. Providing details on why you believe it's incorrect can be helpful.

I Want to Learn How to Program an App Like LiveSchool. How Can I Learn?

If you aspire to learn how to program your own apps, you can start by visiting With practice and dedication, you can acquire the skills needed to create your own applications.

What Is LiveSchool?

LiveSchool is an award-winning app designed to make your school experience more enjoyable and equitable. You earn points based on your behavior, which can lead to rewards. LiveSchool also helps your teachers communicate with your parents about your performance in school.

What Can I See in the LiveSchool App?

In the LiveSchool app, you can view your point balance, a timeline of points and comments from all your teachers, and a list of available rewards. Stay tuned, as we'll be adding more features throughout the year!

Can Other Students See My Behavior?

No, only you, your parents, and your teachers have access to view your behavior in the LiveSchool app. Be sure to safeguard your password to prevent other students from accessing your points.

For a detailed overview of what students can access in the Student App, check out our article, "LiveSchool Student View."

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