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Exploring Student Features in LiveSchool

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This guide provides an overview of the LiveSchool student view, offering insights into what students can access when they log in.

In the Student View students can see Timeline and Store, along with basic LiveSchool info.  They can also link a parent and change their password.

We'll explore the timeline, store, and about sections to help students make the most of their LiveSchool experience.

See our article, Setup Your Families with LiveSchool, to learn more about setting up student accounts.


The dashboard has ten features for all students to use:




1. Main Menu

When clicked, this will bring the student back to the Dashboard screen

2. Account Settings

This allows students to add a parent/guardian, change their password, or log out.

3. Name

This displays the first name of the student who has logged in

4. Point Balance

This displays the total number of points that this student has

5. Timeline

This displays the last 4 weeks of student transactions. including merits, demerits, comments, and rewards

6. Store

This displays all of the options available for the student to purchase if the school is using the LiveSchool Rewards Store

7. About

This displays helpful information about LiveSchool, earning points, and the Privacy Policy

8. Support

This brings students to the LiveSchool Help Center

9. Privacy Policy

This brings students to the LiveSchool Privacy Policy

10. User Agreement

This brings students to the LiveSchool User Agreement

Account Settings

Add a Parent

When they click Add a Parent, students are able to see instructions on how to add a parent or guardian.

If a parent or guardian has already created a LiveSchool account that is linked to this student, they will see that in the pop-up:

They will also see the code(s) that the parent(s) or guardian(s) should use and the website ( for their parent(s) or guardian(s) to sign up.

Change Password

When they click Change Password, students will be prompted to add their current password, type in a new password, and re-type in the new password.


When they click this button, students will be logged out of their LiveSchool student account.



  • The timeline displays the last 4 weeks or 28 days of student transactions, including merits, demerits, and rewards purchased.

  • On top of the timeline, students can check their spending balance, calculated as points received minus any purchases made during the school year.


  • The timeline also includes comments added to behavior transactions, enabling personalized feedback for students and providing context for parents/guardians and administrators.


In the Store view, students can browse available options for purchase:

If they click on an item for which they have enough points to purchase, they will be directed to talk to their teacher about purchasing this item.

See our article on Running Your Rewards System for advice on how and when to have teachers and administrators provide rewards for students.


In the About view, students can learn more about LiveSchool and find helpful tips for success. They'll find answers to questions such as:

  • What is LiveSchool?

  • I want to earn more points. What can I do?

  • I see data in LiveSchool that isn’t correct. What can I do?

  • I want to learn to program an app like LiveSchool. How can I learn?

  • Can other students view my behavior?

  • What if I have more questions about LiveSchool?

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