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Setup Your Families with LiveSchool

A Guide to Introducing LiveSchool to Students and Inviting Parents, Guardians, and Families

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LiveSchool is a dynamic platform designed to foster positive student behavior through a rewards system. This guide offers comprehensive instructions on introducing LiveSchool to students, inviting families, printing access sheets, enabling Recaps for weekly feedback, and explaining what parents and students can access once they log in. We'll also cover adding multiple children to a parent or guardian's account.

Introducing LiveSchool to Students

To familiarize students with LiveSchool, we offer student introduction slides that teachers can share during homeroom or at the first assembly:

Use LiveSchool to build a positive school culture, recognize good behavior, and give better feedback!

These slides highlight key points, including earning points for positive behavior, actions that affect points, available rewards, Point Goal rewards, and the concept of House Points. Teachers can tailor these slides to align with their school's unique goals.

You can also use this video as a general introduction for students:

or create one of your own by customizing the student introduction slides!

Inviting Families to LiveSchool

To familiarize families with LiveSchool, we offer family introduction slides that schools can share during a back-to-school night or meet-the-teacher occasion:

Similar to the student deck, these slides highlight how students can earn or lose points, and earn rewards, and how they, as family members, can keep track of the points and rewards of their students.

We also offer access sheets for students and families, containing access codes needed to create accounts. Teachers and LiveSchool administrators can print these sheets, ideally by homeroom groups. Students and their families will use these codes to set up their LiveSchool accounts, following the provided instructions.

Printing Access Sheets

To streamline the process, LiveSchool allows you to download all access sheets for a roster or grade using the Roster Picker:

From the Points Screen, open the Roster Picker and click on the three-dots on the Roster for which you'd like to print access sheets and select Access Sheets.

This convenient feature generates a PDF with an access sheet for each student on the roster, saving time and effort.

Or, if your students are not yet set up, you can also use our sample Access Sheets or Intro Letters to introduce Access Codes and how students and their families will create a LiveSchool account:

Student and Parent/Guardian Login

Parents and guardians can create their accounts by visiting and entering the provided parent codes.

Enter your code, email, and password to create your account.

Students, on the other hand, can go to and enter their designated student code.

After entering their access codes, both students and parents/guardians will be prompted to create a LiveSchool account by providing an email address and password.

Recommendation: Enable Recaps for Automatic Weekly Summaries via Email

Enabling Recaps is highly recommended to provide weekly feedback to students and parents:

Recaps display Points transactions along with your account balance.

When this feature is enabled by LiveSchool Administrators, automatic Recap emails are sent to student and parent email addresses every week. The Recap email includes a Magic Link that directly leads to a summary of their behavior data for the previous week, eliminating the need for logging in.

For more details about enabling and managing Recaps, review our Automatically Send Weekly Feedback to Students and Parents with Recaps article.

Information Available to Students and Parents/Guardians Once They Log In

Upon logging in, students and parents/guardians gain access to essential information:

You can view your Point balance, transactions, and available store items.

They can view their current Point Balance, which updates in real time as teachers award points. The Timeline feature provides a 3-week history of behavior, comments, and rewards purchased. Additionally, they can explore the school Store, complete with item prices, descriptions, and points needed for each purchase.

Adding Multiple Children to a Parent/Guardian Account

Parents/guardians can easily manage multiple children's profiles on a single account:

Click on the icon in the top, right corner to add an additional student to your parent account.  Then simply click on the student's name to switch to an alternative profile

By clicking the person icon in the top right corner and selecting "Add Student," parents can enter another student's access code from their access sheet. They can then toggle between their children's profiles by clicking on the respective student's name.

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