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Streamlining Parent and Guardian Account Setup with LiveSchool
Streamlining Parent and Guardian Account Setup with LiveSchool

How to setup parents and guardians on LiveSchool through mail merges, leveraging access codes and emails to create personalized invitations.

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Struggling with getting students and parents signed up? Send home QR codes for easy access to student data.

Are you seeking an efficient method to onboard parents and guardians onto the LiveSchool platform? We have a solution that simplifies the process through mail merges, provided you have their email addresses handy.

This guide will walk you through the steps to create a seamless experience for families to access their accounts.

Step 1: Obtain Student Access Codes

  • Navigate to the Setup section ( and select the "Students" option.

  • Click on the "Export" feature to download a CSV file containing student information, including login codes for both students and their families.

Step 2: Prepare Email Addresses and Codes

  • If you have email addresses for families who haven't logged in yet, compile them into a CSV file along with the corresponding parent access codes.

  • Ensure your CSV file includes necessary details such as "Parent 1 Code", "Parent 2 Code", and email addresses.

    View emails and codes

Step 3: Set Up Mail Merge

  • Utilize a mail merge tool like Streak CRM for Gmail to streamline the process.

  • Within Gmail, access the merge feature and select a template or create a new one tailored for LiveSchool parent and guardian accounts.

    Create a template.

  • Customize the template with a personalized greeting and instructions for account setup.

    Add fields.

Step 4: Insert Variables

  • Utilize placeholders within the template to dynamically insert information from the CSV file, such as parent codes.

    Insert variables.

  • Ensure each recipient receives a personalized email with their unique access information.

Step 5: Initiate Mail Merge

  • Once the template is set up and variables are inserted, initiate the mail merge process.

  • Review the personalized emails to confirm accuracy before sending.

Step 6: Initiate Mail Merge

  • Click "Start mail merge now" to dispatch customized emails to all recipients.

    Start mail merge.

  • Each family will receive an email containing their specific access codes and instructions to create their LiveSchool account.


By following these steps, you can efficiently onboard parents and guardians onto the LiveSchool platform using mail merges. This method ensures a personalized experience for each family, simplifying the account setup process and fostering engagement with the platform.

If you encounter any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to We're here to help streamline your LiveSchool experience!

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