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Print Sample Access Sheets and Family Letters in Spanish

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We understand the importance of providing resources in multiple languages to better serve our diverse community of students and families. Our team is currently working on expanding the range of resources translated into different languages.

In the meantime, we have attached some resources below that are currently available. If there are specific resources that you would like to see in other languages, please reach out to us at and let us know. We value your feedback and suggestions as we continue to work towards improving our services.


  • Family Letter

    • Our "Family Letter" introduces LiveSchool to your families. It highlights your goals and the role LiveSchool will play with your students.

  • Sample Access Sheet

    • Our "Sample Access Sheet" is a generic version of the Access Sheet that you'll send home with students in order to give students and parents access to the LiveSchool Student and Parent apps. Signing up for the app also automatically signs them up to receive our recap emails.

  • Getting Started (One-Pager)

    • Our "Getting Started" page gives parents and guardians the first steps to setting up the LiveSchool Parent App.

  • Getting Started (Video)

    • Our video provides a walkthrough for parents and guardians on how students will receive points, and how they can track these in the LiveSchool Parent App.


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