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Site Leaders are decision makers for your site and are key to a successful LiveSchool rollout!

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What is a Site Leader?

A Site Leader is a lead point of contact for a LiveSchool site. Most schools find it valuable to have multiple Site Leaders to share the work, collaborate, and ensure availability.

What do Site Leaders do?

Site Leaders are key to getting started with LiveSchool! They lead the setup of your school-wide site and ensure a successful rollout. Their responsibilities include:

  • Serving as your school's main contact with LiveSchool.

  • Ensuring that students are added or updated each school year.

  • Customizing your site during the rollout process.

  • Supporting teachers with questions and advice.

This chart depicts the additional permissions a site leader will have within LiveSchool:

Who can serve as a Site Leader?

Any staff member can serve as a Site Leader! Here are a few rules of thumb:

  1. There’s typically at least one school administrator who serves as a Site Leader, such as a Principal, Assistant Principal, or Dean.

  2. The Site Leader role is a great professional development opportunity for teachers to take on a leadership role.

  3. Including at least one non-administrator perspective in your Site Leader team is a great way to ensure success.

How many Site Leaders do we need?

LiveSchool’s only requirement is that you have at least one Site Leader. There's no maximum number of Site Leaders, but we recommend having no more than 5.

How should we pick Site Leaders?

Having launched thousands of schools on our platform, we have learned a few tips for selecting Site Leaders:

  • Running a school culture system can be a lot of work. Whenever possible, form a team of Site Leaders to share the responsibility.

  • Look for complementary skill sets. For instance, one Site Leader might focus on data analysis and administration, while another is promoting rewards and upcoming events.

  • Leverage existing teams. For instance, if you have a PBIS committee, you can create a LiveSchool Site Leader subcommittee that meets as part of your existing process.

How do you add a Site Leader?

Adding additional Site Leaders happens right in LiveSchool. Select your initials in the top right corner, and from there, choose "Invite Site Leaders".

Click on your initials or image in the top right, from the dropdown select "Invite Site Leaders".

How do you Remove a Site Leader?

Removing Site Leaders also happens right in LiveSchool. Select your initials in the top right corner, and from there, choose Invite Site Leaders. Once your list appears, you can click the red x to remove a Site Leader.

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