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Task Card: Will you be managing LiveSchool next year?
Task Card: Will you be managing LiveSchool next year?

Find additional information here on how to complete the Task Card specific to Site Leaders managing your site.

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To Review the full list of Site Leader Responsibilities, visit our article, Site Leaders in LiveSchool.

A task box will open that asks "Will you be managing LiveSchool next year?

Serving as a LiveSchool Site Leader comes with big-picture ideas, like helping build school culture, rolling out the system, and supporting teachers, but it also comes with logistical responsibilities that can hinder the use of LiveSchool if not managed by the correct person.

This Task Card will ask you to identify whether or not you will still be serving as a Site Leader for your site. After it is completed it can be edited at a later date.

You have three options to choose from, Yes, I will be a Site Leader, Not Sure, and No
  • If you choose Yes, I will be a Site Leader we will contact you about renewing your subscription and updating staff and students for the upcoming year.

  • If you choose Not Sure, we will leave you as a Site Leader until you provide further details. Once you are sure, you can edit this task and change your answer, this will allow us to contact the correct person and ensure your site is set up on time.

  • If you choose No, we will remove your Site Leader status, which will remove My Tasks from your main screen, along with removing you from all email correspondence related to your site.

When it is completed you will see the word "Completed" along with a pencil you can click to edit.

Once you've completed this task, you'll see the word "Completed" appear in the box. You'll also notice a pencil in the top, right corner that allows for any edits to be made to what you have previously submitted.

In the weeks following the completion of this task, another task will appear allowing you to add and/or remove additional Site Leaders. If you'd like to do this prior to the release of that task, read our section on How do you add a Site Leader?

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