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Find additional information here on how to complete the Task Card specific to uploading your student and staff files.

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Having an accurate list of students and staff is key in preparing your LiveSchool site for teacher access. This next task requires the sharing of student and staff files with our team, allowing us to build your LiveSchool site. Until this step is complete, your LiveSchool site will be empty of all students.

Data Uploader

To get started on this task, select "Go to upload". Clicking this button will pull up our data uploader.

To upload your data, first download each template. Copy and paste your site's information into each file, remembering to include ALL students and staff that will need access, not just those additional staff members.

Once you've attached each file, the Submit Files option will turn green. Clicking this button will submit your files to our Support Team. Once you've submitted your files, you should receive a confirmation email. It may end up in your Spam or Junk folder. If you don't receive this email then your files did not process and you need to reach out to our team at support@liveschoolinc.com.

Extra Help

When accessing the Data Uploader, three key articles are visible on the right.

The first article is about Submitting Your Student and Staff Files. This article includes a video that can help you successfully upload your student and staff files.

The second article gives information on how to Edit a Teacher Account.

The third article describes how Clever can be used as an alternative to submitting your staff and student files.

Skip Task

If your school retained its data, or if you plan to set up your site by adding or editing students and teachers one by one, simply click "Skip Task" to remove this task from your Task Manager.

If after selecting "Skip Task" you realize you'd like to upload files, click on the edit icon in the top, right corner of the task.

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