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Submitting Additional Rosters

Submit a file of additional student and staff Rosters for our Support team to upload!

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Welcome to the guide to submitting additional Rosters in LiveSchool. Rosters are a fundamental part of organizing and managing your school's data, and knowing how to submit them effectively is crucial for a well-functioning system. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of submitting additional student and staff Rosters, providing you with the means to maintain a well-structured and efficient system within LiveSchool.

This article is tailored for schools that set up their systems by submitting student and staff lists. If your school synchronizes with Clever, please be aware that these instructions do not apply to you. Any Clever Roster adjustments will occur in your Student Information System (SIS) or will be manually built using these directions.

Submitting Multiple Rosters: Why It Matters

The Data Uploader within the LiveSchool app typically allows for one Roster per student, along with a House. However, with the directions provided below, you can submit additional Rosters. If you haven't submitted your files yet, please refer to our article "Submitting Your Student and Staff Files."

Streamlining Efforts with Multiple Rosters

Adding multiple student Rosters can significantly streamline your staff's efforts. For each Roster that you want a student to appear on within LiveSchool, simply add that Roster's name in Column D onward in your file. Ensure that each cell contains only one Roster name, and place each Roster name horizontally in the same row as the student's name rather than listing them in separate rows down a column.

Naming Specific Rosters

It's important to note that our system treats each Roster with the same name as a single Roster. For example, if each teacher is assigned a "Period 1" Roster, it should be specified for that teacher, such as "Period 1: Smith." Failing to specify will result in all students with a "Period 1" Roster appearing on the same Roster.

Handling Similar but Different Rosters

Conversely, slight misspellings or variations in Roster names will result in different Rosters. For instance, "Period 1: Smith" and "Period 1: J. Smith" will generate two distinct Rosters.

House Points and Rosters

Lastly, it's essential to understand that our House Points system is linked to the Roster you've created for each House. Therefore, the house to which a student belongs should be listed as a Roster.

Customizing Roster Access for Teachers

By default, all Rosters are accessible to all teachers. If you want to restrict teacher access to specific Rosters, please submit a staff file that includes the associated Rosters.

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