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Sync students, staff members, and rosters with your Student Information System (SIS) using Clever

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Syncing rosters with your Student Information System (SIS) is one way to set up all teacher and student accounts, and place all students and teachers into their classes automatically.

Clever is currently the only platform from which LiveSchool can sync data. We do not connect to ClassLink. Clever data can be used through ClassLink via the method laid out in this article.

If you'd like us to consider syncing with ClassLink, or a similar platform, please reach out to and let us know!


With LiveSchool you can sync rosters with your SIS directly through Clever. Clever supports a large number of SIS, including Aeries, Infinite Campus, Illuminate, PowerSchool, Aspen, and eSchoolData. (See a full list here.)

Before your data can sync with your LiveSchool site, you first need to let Clever know you'll be using LiveSchool. Reach out to your district's Clever contact and request that they share your school with us in their system.

Once your LiveSchool site is syncing with Clever, this means your students, users, and rosters are being pulled from your SIS into Clever, and Clever is updating LiveSchool whenever changes occur.

For more information on using LiveSchool with Clever at your school, please see:

Clever Single Sign On (SSO) for Students and Teachers

Clever Single Sign-On (SSO) enables students and teachers to securely authenticate into LiveSchool via their Clever Portal. Students and teachers log into Clever and then click on the LiveSchool app to be logged in automatically via SSO. If they have any trouble, please reach out to us at


Some schools and districts use OneRoster and Clever's Secure Sync to easily roster classroom accounts.

  1. Start by sending your OneRoster files to Clever.

  2. Then, use Clever's data rules to select which users, classes, or grades need access to each resource. (See Clever Sharing Permissions for more details.)

  3. Clever groups students into correct classes so teachers see the right students in LiveSchool.

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