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Using ClassLink via Clever for LiveSchool Integration
Using ClassLink via Clever for LiveSchool Integration

LiveSchool only integrates with Clever, however, for schools who prefer ClassLink, there are options!

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To set up your LiveSchool site with your student, teacher, and Roster data, you have two options. The first is to submit CSV files to our team for upload into our system. The second is to sync your data through Clever.

Luckily we can now offer a third, Clever SAML

Setting up Clever SAML

As long as your system can still access Clever, even if your teachers cannot, you can use ClassLink SAML to get data from your SIS into LiveSchool. Find out more in this article here!

Logging in as a Teacher or Student via ClassLink

Logging in to ClassLink as a teacher or a student would be similar to logging into other Apps, or similar to your experience if you were previously a Clever user.

You can search for the app, or locate it on your dashboard, and while the flow of your login is technically ClassLink to Clever to LiveSchool, you will never see the Clever icon or system in your process.

Teachers can add the LiveSchool icon to the Dashboard for easier access for students.

Enabling ClassLink SSO for Students

Using ClassLink, you can provide your students with access to LiveSchool by enabling the setting as a teacher in your ClassLink Launchpad:

  1. Head to "My Classes"

  2. Choose the class that you would like students to log in to LiveSchool

  3. Click on "Add New App"

  4. Search for "LiveSchool" in the App Library

  5. Choose "Add" for the LiveSchool app

This will add LiveSchool as an option for your students to choose from your ClassLink Launchpad.

Parent Access Sheets

Since LiveSchool is not yet syncing with ClassLink, but instead using the SAML workaround with Clever, our documentation does not yet indicate ClassLink.

When sending home an Access Sheet, your students will still see what is listed below.

If you're concerned that this language will confuse your students and families, please let us know and we can get you alternative printouts to send home!

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