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Syncing from Clever to LiveSchool can alter how you edit and update students.

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Missing Students in LiveSchool

For a LiveSchool site that syncs via Clever, if a student is missing, the likely issue is either with Clever or your SIS. Updates need to first take place in your SIS. Once they've been entered there, they will sync to Clever within 24 hours. After the update has been made in Clever, you should see them in LiveSchool within the hour. A few things to check if you know a student is in your SIS:

  • Has their schedule been entered? If a student doesn't appear on any Rosters then they won't appear in LiveSchool.

  • Are they attached to Clever at their previous school? A student may appear to have access to Clever, but through their last school, not the current school that syncs with LiveSchool.

If you know a student is in your SIS and Clever, and the questions above don't apply, reach out to

Editing Students in LiveSchool

If your school is syncing data through Clever, you will not see an "Edit" option on the Student Details page. Clever student information must be edited in your SIS or Clever. Those changes will then sync to LiveSchool.

Student Details will be grayed out.  You can only edit students in your SIS.

Clever Rosters vs LiveSchool Rosters

Any Roster created in your SIS will sync to LiveSchool as a Clever Roster. These Rosters cannot be edited within the LiveSchool system itself, but instead need to be updated in your SIS. If you need to add or remove Students, contact whoever manages your SIS.

You are not limited to Clever Rosters, but can create new Rosters right in LiveSchool. You can create these Rosters from the Setup > Rosters page, but once created you can quickly add a new student by choosing the Add to Roster option from the Student Details page. Only Rosters you created right in LiveSchool will appear in this list.

House Points

Click on "Add to House" to add a new student to a House.

Once you have Launched House Points, you can quickly add new students to a House from the Student Details page. Simply click on "Add to House" and select the House Roster for which you'd like to assign the student.

Using ClassLink

LiveSchool doesn't currently sync directly with ClassLink, however, as long as your system can still access Clever, even if your teachers cannot, you can use ClassLink SAML to get data from your SIS into LiveSchool. Find out more in this article here!

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