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Manage Your Site (Clever)
Manage Your Site (Clever)

How to create and manage students, rosters, and staff in LiveSchool if your syncing via Clever.

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Clever is the exclusive platform for syncing data with LiveSchool. At present, we do not support data synchronization with ClassLink. However, you can utilize Clever data in ClassLink by following the instructions provided in this article.

If you are interested in integrating with ClassLink or a similar platform, please contact and let us know!

Step 1: Configure Clever Sync

Before your LiveSchool site can sync data, you need to inform Clever that you will be using LiveSchool. Reach out to your district's Clever contact and request them to share your school information with us in their system.

Once you have contacted Clever, please notify our Success team by sending an email to We will take care of the rest!

Sync Overview

When your LiveSchool site is synced with Clever, your student, teacher/user, and roster information is automatically imported from your Student Information System (SIS) into Clever. Clever then updates LiveSchool whenever changes occur:

Your SIS syncs to Clever, which then syncs to LiveSchool.

Please note that most student and teacher/admin data edits should be made in your SIS. However, LiveSchool does allow manual setup data entry directly into our system. Here are a few examples:


Students must be managed in your SIS. You cannot add, edit, or delete students in LiveSchool.


All rosters in your SIS sync with LiveSchool. You can also manually create new rosters in LiveSchool. For example, if you have an after-school club that is not available in your SIS, you can create a roster manually in LiveSchool to track points for that group of students.

Teachers or Admin

Your teacher and admin accounts are also synced with your SIS. However, Site Leaders have the ability to add users manually. For instance, if you have cafeteria staff, counselors, or coaches who want to award points for excellent behavior but are not available in your SIS, Site Leaders can manually add them in LiveSchool.

Students, Rosters, and Users will sync from your SIS.  Each can also be made manually, except Students.

User Permissions

Different user roles have varying levels of access and permissions in LiveSchool. Here's a summary of the permissions available to Teachers, Administrators, and Site Leaders:

Clever Single Sign-On (SSO) for Students

If your school uses Clever Single Sign-On (SSO) for students, they should sign in to LiveSchool using

To invite parents and guardians, please refer to our article
on Signing Up Students and Parents.

Step 2: Managing Clever Rosters and Creating New Rosters

All the rosters available in your SIS will be accessible in LiveSchool, and you can also create rosters manually.

Roster Picker

The Roster Picker is a tool that helps you organize your rosters for easy selection. You'll find the Roster Picker throughout LiveSchool, providing consistent functionality:

From the Points screen, click on the Roster name to open the Roster dropdown and select other Rosters.

Here's how it works:

  1. Click the Roster Picker located in the top-left corner of the interface.

  2. The "Rosters" list will appear, containing all the rosters you've created or those shared with you.

  3. The "Grades" tab allows you to view students in each grade.

  4. The "Teachers" tab organizes rosters by teacher, which is helpful for observing or covering a class.

  5. You can hide less frequently used rosters by clicking the three dots beside the roster name and selecting "Hide."

  6. If you come across a long or confusing roster name from your SIS, click the three dots and choose "Rename" to assign a more recognizable name.

Teachers, administrators, and Site Leaders can search for rosters in the Roster Picker, or search for individual students in the upper right-hand part of the screen.

Managing Rosters

To manage your rosters, navigate to Setup > Rosters. Ensure you click on "My Rosters" and then "All Rosters" to view the complete list:

To get started managing rosters, first go to Setup > Rosters. Make sure to click My Rosters then All Rosters to see every roster in the school.

Creating Rosters

To create a new roster, click New Roster and name your roster.

To create a new roster, follow these steps:

  1. Click "New Roster" and give it a name. For easier identification, consider adding a last name or initials, especially if using a common name like "1st Period."

  2. Select the "Add Students" tab in the top left corner.

  3. Choose a grade or roster from which to add students. You can switch between rosters using the arrow button, and the students you selected are remembered when switching.

  4. Click "Add Students" in the bottom right corner to add them to your roster. A notification will confirm the number of students added.

Teachers can also create rosters by following the same steps.

‍Sharing a Roster

If you need to share a roster that you didn't create, make sure to access "My Rosters" and select "All Rosters" to view all rosters on your LiveSchool site. You can share rosters that sync through Clever or those created manually.

Click the teacher icon on a Roster and select other staff members to share the roster with.

To share a roster:

  1. Click the "Share this Roster" button.

  2. Use the tabs at the top to select the administrators and teachers you want to share the roster with.

  3. Click "Save" to instantly grant access to the selected individuals.

Teachers can also share rosters they've created or those shared with them. However, they can only access rosters they created or those shared with them when they click on "All Rosters."

Step 3: Editing and Deleting Users

You can manage your list of Admin and Teachers by going to the main menu and selecting Setup > Users:

You can manage your list of Admin and Teachers by going to Setup > Users.

Admin and Teachers List

In the Users section, you'll find a list of all teachers from your SIS who are in LiveSchool. Site Leaders can also manually add teachers or administrators.

The Users screen will list all Clever users and those added manually.

Teachers synced with your SIS will have a blue "SIS" tag. To update their names or emails, they must be edited in your SIS. Staff members can edit their own titles from within their accounts by clicking their initials in the upper right-hand corner and selecting "Edit Profile."

If you need to edit a Clever user's permissions (Teacher/Admin/Site Leader), please contact or chat with us!

To add a new teacher or admin

Site Leaders can add a new teacher or admin by clicking "New User" in the top-right corner:

You can add a new Teacher or Admin by clicking New User in the top right corner.

Enter their information and select the appropriate permissions (teacher or admin). Clicking "Add User" will automatically send them an email invitation to create a LiveSchool account.

For a detailed comparison of permissions between Teachers, Administrators, and Site Leaders, refer to the table below.

Edit or Delete a User

Site Leaders who manually create a user can modify their title, update their email address, or change a teacher's account type to Admin by clicking the pencil icon:

Edit a user by clicking on the pencil icon, and delete them by clicking on the red x.

If a user has the blue "SIS" tag, their information must be updated in your SIS to reflect changes in LiveSchool.

Deleting a user, either in your SIS or LiveSchool, will not delete the points they awarded to students. However, the user will no longer be able to log in, and they will be removed from the Teachers Scoreboard in Insights.

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