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Student Doesn't Appear in LiveSchool
Student Doesn't Appear in LiveSchool

If a student is missing from the LiveSchool system there are a few things to check.

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Our LiveSchool system allows for two different Setup types. The first is through the sharing of staff and student files manually, and the second is through a connection to Clever. If a student is missing from your LiveSchool account, the reason why will depend on that Setup type.

Manual Setup

For a LiveSchool site that was set up manually, if a student is missing from LiveSchool, the most likely reason is that they are a new student that wasn't initially entered into the system. To add a new student follow these directions.

The best way to confirm whether or not a student is in the system is by searching for the student within their Grade level Roster. If a student is showing there, but not on all classroom-level Rosters, they can be added with these directions.

Clever Setup

For a LiveSchool site that syncs via Clever, if a student is missing, the likely issue is either with Clever or your SIS. Updates need to first take place in your SIS. Once they've been entered there, they will sync to Clever within 24 hours. After the update has been made in Clever, you should see them in LiveSchool within the hour. A few things to check if you know a student is in your SIS:

  • Has their schedule been entered? If a student doesn't appear on any Rosters then they won't appear in LiveSchool.

  • Are they attached to Clever at their previous school? A student may appear to have access to Clever, but through their last school, not the current school that syncs with LiveSchool.

If you know a student is in your SIS and Clever, and the questions above don't apply, reach out to

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