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Manually add a new student to LiveSchool

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Have a lot of students to add? Send in a spreadsheet instead!

Add a New Student

From the Main Menu click on Setup and then Students.  On the Student Screen you will see +New in the top, right corner.  Once you click that you'll be asked to enter First Name, Last Name, Grade, and Gender.

From the Main Menu go to Setup and then Students. In the top, right corner, you'll see +New. Enter the First Name, Last Name, Grade, and Gender. This is the only place gender appears in LiveSchool. It won't show on any other screen or in the Student App.

Once your student is added, you'll want to add them to the correct rosters. Check out our article, Updating Rosters: Add or Remove Students.

Sites that sync their data through Clever cannot manually add or edit students. Once those students are appearing in your SIS they should sync to Clever and then to LiveSchool. If you know a student has been in Clever with their appropriate Rosters for over 24 hours, reach out to

Details from the Student Screen

Your student list shows you every student in your LiveSchool site, as well as their grade and current point balance. You'll also see information to help you monitor the student and their parent's usage of their LiveSchool accounts.

"Last Login," and "Parent Last Login" shows the last time the student and parent signed in to their LiveSchool account respectively, or if they've never signed in at all. The "Parents" column shows you how many of the parent codes (out of 2) have been registered to a LiveSchool account. You can also export this information into a csv. using these directions.

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