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Setting up LiveSchool with Clever
Setting up LiveSchool with Clever

Setup Requirements, Required Fields, Single Sign-On (SSO), Frequently Asked Questions, Support Contacts

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Setup Requirements

Before setting up LiveSchool with Clever, ensure that your district is already set up with Clever. If not, you can get started by visiting this link:

For districts already on Clever, follow these instructions to add LiveSchool:

  1. Log into your Clever Dashboard and select Applications > Add Applications from the left navigation.

  2. Search for "LiveSchool."

  3. Click on the LiveSchool application to authorize the request.

  4. Optionally, set a custom Launch Date, which will be the first day users can access the app through Clever.

  5. After making the selections, click "Request."

Required Fields

Ensure that the following fields are populated with the appropriate information:

  • Teacher email

  • Teacher name

  • Student name

  • Student grade

Single Sign-On (SSO)

LiveSchool supports SSO for students and rostered teachers on all devices.

School administrators or other non-rostered staff can log in with their
email and password at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting a “data warning” or a “data requirement” error?

  • A data requirement error occurs when the record is incompatible with LiveSchool's integration with Clever, causing the user or section not to appear in the application. Resolve Data Requirements to process users or sections successfully.

  • A data warning error indicates compatibility issues with LiveSchool, potentially leading to a degraded app experience. Address these issues or contact us at to assess the impact.

Why is my student or teacher missing from LiveSchool?

Please check to see if this user meets the following requirements before reaching out to us:

  • Present in your SIS data

  • Present in your Clever data

If the student or teacher is present in your SIS data but not in Clever, please reach out to your district's Clever contacts.

Help! My teacher can’t log in to LiveSchool through Clever.

If a teacher faces login issues through Clever, contact us at for assistance.

Help! No one can log in to LiveSchool through Clever!

Ensure that SSO through Clever is enabled for your district and that your district is currently sharing data with LiveSchool.

Who should I ask for help with this issue?

Why am I seeing outdated information?

Clever allows districts to pause the sync from their student information system (SIS). When a sync is paused, the current rostering data is essentially "frozen" in Clever for the duration of the district's sync pause.

For 2023, Clever automatically pauses syncs on May 26 and removes pauses between July 31 and August 4, unless your district specifies otherwise.

Your district's Clever administrators can modify these dates (or remove them altogether) under their Sync > Sync Settings page.

Support Contacts

Clever is currently the only platform on which LiveSchool can sync data. We do not connect to ClassLink. Clever data can be used through ClassLink via the method laid out in this article.

If you'd like us to consider syncing with ClassLink or a similar platform, please reach out to and let us know!

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