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Task Card: Finish updating your Site Leaders!
Task Card: Finish updating your Site Leaders!

Find additional information here on how to complete the Task Card specific to adding or removing Site Leaders from your site.

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To Review the full list of Site Leader Responsibilities, visit our article, Site Leaders in LiveSchool.

A Site Leader is a lead point of contact for a LiveSchool site. Site Leaders help to make big decisions throughout the year, including building school culture, setting up LiveSchool for staff use, and renewing your subscription.

Since we know those responsibilities fall to different people within a school, we suggest each site has more than one Site Leader.

This Task Card allows you to add Site Leaders to your LiveSchool site, or to edit Site Leader status, leaving the selected users with only Admin access.

Adding Site Leaders

To add a new Site Leader to your site, enter their email in the text box and click on "Send Invite".

Click on Send Invite after adding a teacher's email address.

Editing Site Leaders

To remove a Site Leader from the list, click the red x to the right of the Site Leader email. Doing so will leave the Site Leader in LiveSchool with Admin access, but will remove them from correspondence regarding managing LiveSchool.

Click the red x next to a Site Leader's email to remove them as a Site Leader.

When Finished or No Changes Needed

Once you've finished updating your Site Leaders, or If the list of your site's Site Leaders is accurate, click "Looks good!" to clear this task. You should see the task marked "Completed" prior to it being removed from the Task Manager.

Click on "Looks good!" when you're done or if you don't need to make any changes.

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