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Confirming Site Leaders
Confirming Site Leaders

See who is noted as a Site Leader for your school.

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Only those with Site Leader access can confirm and edit whether others have Site Leader access.

There are 3 types of users in LiveSchool: Site Leaders, Admins, and Teachers. Site Leaders and Admins have similar capabilities but there are a few key differences.

Site Leaders can:

  • Add/Edit/Delete users

  • Send invitations to new users

  • Complete necessary setup tasks

Confirm Site Leader Access

There are two ways to confirm who has Site Leader Access at your school.

From the App

First log into your LiveSchool account and click on your profile icon in the top, right corner and select "Invite Site Leaders".

Once there, you will see a list of "Your Site Leaders" at the bottom of the menu.

You will see a menu that allows you to add an email for a new Site Leader.  Or you can see a list of "Your Site Leaders".

From the Admin Panel

First sign into with your typical username and password, and then click on the Faculty tab.

Once your faculty list is displayed, click on the "Administrators" tab and look for the "(SL)" notation next to a teacher's name. When the "(SL)" is missing, that indicates this user has Admin Access only.

Site Leader access cannot be granted in our Admin panel. Instead, log back into your typical LiveSchool account and follow the directions described here.

To learn more about Site Leaders and how to grant Site Leader Access view our article here!

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