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Resetting Students' Bank Accounts
Resetting Students' Bank Accounts

Steps to resetting student bank account balances

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If you'd like to reset data due to a quarter or semester change, consider using Scoreboards or Dashboards and using a custom timeframe for the quarter, semester, etc. Learn more in our article, Points Screen, Customize the Timeframe.

Resetting Students' Bank Accounts is an ideal way to preserve your Points history while giving the feeling of a fresh start to students. This method will reset what students have "Saved" to spend, which is the amount that appears on the Rewards screen, along with the balance that students and parents will see in their accounts.

The Saved column will show 0 Points

The Points screen will still show the running tally of Points received all year. However, if you want to be able to display this screen, you can simply adjust the timeframe in the display settings.

Click the three dots in the top, right column to open the settings.  Adjust "Show points given"

To Reset Student Accounts:

  • Click Menu > Setup > Data Settings

  • Find "Reset Student Accounts as of..."

  • Choose the date you'd like student accounts to reset on

You can Reset Student Accounts as of today or a prior date. Doing so will set Student Accounts to 0 as of midnight at the start of the date that you select, but no Points data will be deleted.

Important Note: if students have purchased Rewards after the date you choose when resetting bank accounts, their bank accounts could show a negative balance.

For example, let's say on Nov. 4 you choose to reset bank accounts as of Nov. 2, but students purchased Rewards on Nov. 3 (using all of their Points earned since Nov. 3). When you reset bank accounts on Nov. 4, LiveSchool will set all students' bank accounts to 0 as of 6 a.m on Nov. 2, and deduct the Rewards already purchased on Nov. 3 from the Points students earned between 6 a.m on Nov. 2 and the time they purchased the Reward on Nov 3. If the Reward is worth more Points than what students have earned since Nov. 2, their bank accounts will show a negative balance on Nov. 4.

If students purchased Rewards any time after the date you choose when you reset bank accounts, students' bank accounts could show a negative balance (see "important note" above Step 1).

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