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Saving/Transferring Bank Account Balances
Saving/Transferring Bank Account Balances

Share Points balances from previous PBIS platforms for upload to LiveSchool.

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New LiveSchool customers often used a previous PBIS system that allowed students to accrue Points. Those Points balances can be added to student accounts in LiveSchool.

To make sure Points are awarded to the correct student, please submit a spreadsheet with first name, last name, grade, and point balance.

It is important that the naming convention on the spreadsheet matches the naming conventions in LiveSchool, or the Points will not be successfully awarded. For example, if the middle initial is included on the spreadsheet, but is not included in LiveSchool, our system will not recognize the match in order to award the Points.

Submit a CSV with first name, last name, grade, and point balance.

Once those Points balances have been submitted to our team and processed, they will appear on the Rewards screen, along with in the Saved column of Student Scoreboards. The Points will not appear on the Points Screen, which only reflects transactions that have occurred in the LiveSchool system. The uploaded Points will be available for Rewards purchases and will be reflected in both the Student App and Parent App, along with on Recaps.

Uploaded Points will appear in the Saved column, along with on the Rewards screen.

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