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Customize the Timeframe on the Points Screen
Customize the Timeframe on the Points Screen

Change the date range of points displayed on your points screen.

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Point Bubble Time Selector

From the Points screen, click the three dots in the top, right corner.  From there click on "Show points given" to select what timeframe of points you'd like displayed.

Change the time frame for viewing students’ data bubbles, in case you want to see points for this week or the whole year so far.

You can choose to view points for:

  • Today – Today only

  • Yesterday – Yesterday only

  • This week – Since Monday

  • This Month – Since the 1st of this month

  • Year to Date – All points earned since July 1st

  • Custom – Any time frame you choose

Combine this with incentives and goal setting – "students who earn more than 20 points by Friday get extra recess!"

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