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Set "Year to Date"
Set "Year to Date"

Choose what date frame you'd like included when you set a custom timeframe of "Year to Date"

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Year-to-Date as a Timeframe

Setting a custom timeframe of "Year to Date" is an option in LiveSchool on the Points screen and all of our Insights reporting options (Dashboards, Scoreboards, Timeline).

If you've Reset Student Account Balances, we suggest using the date of your reset as your "Year to Date" date. This will ensure continuity across the app. You can still set a custom date to view all historical data.

Points Screen

Click the timeframe being displayed to choose another option.


Click the calendar icon

Setting Year-to-Date

Since schools across the globe start their school year at different times, we have made "Year to Date" a customizable option. When you set a start date for "Year to Date", this will be the date that begins all data being displayed across LiveSchool. The date chosen will also be displayed where "Year to Date" is selected in the app.

Your ""Year to Date" Starts on..." date will default to the Start Date submitted by your Site Leaders when they complete Task Card: When do you want LiveSchool accessible to staff?

  • Click Menu > Data Settings

  • Find ""Year to Date" Starts on..." and click on the date

  • Choose the date you'd like to have start your "Year to Date" timeframe

The end date of the "Year to Date" option will auto-adjust to the current day.

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