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Task Card: When do you want LiveSchool accessible to staff?
Task Card: When do you want LiveSchool accessible to staff?

Find additional information here on how to complete the Task Card specific to school year dates.

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As a LiveSchool Site Leader, you'll be responsible for working with LiveSchool to have your site populated with the correct students and staff prior to the start of your year. In order for your setup to take place on time, it's important that we know when you want to start using LiveSchool.

To Review the full list of Site Leader Responsibilities, visit our article, Site Leaders in LiveSchool.

This task box contains to calendar options to fill out.

This Task Card will ask you to identify your start and end dates for the year.

Things to consider when selecting your dates:

  • Professional Developments occurring before your first day with students

  • Practice/Set-up time for staff

  • End-of-Year data reviews

  • Summer School

To set the dates, click within the text box to open a calendar. Use the arrows to move from month to month.

  • Start date: the day that you will need your LiveSchool site ready in order to provide professional development and be prepared for the school year

  • End date: the last day you plan to access your LiveSchool data for the upcoming school year

Click on the arrows to change the date.

If a yellow line appears around your task box, we require you to enter your dates in order to continue using LiveSchool.

The warning symbol means you are past your end date and need to enter dates in order to continue using LiveSchool.

Once you've completed this task, you'll see the word "Completed" appear in the box, and then shortly after this box will disappear from your screen.

You'll see the word "Completed" when this task is done.

If you need to make a change to these dates at a later time, reach out to

Once the box disappears you're all set! Your screen will continue to show a "My Tasks" option and additional tasks will continue to appear throughout the year.

The "My Tasks" heading will remain through the year, even when there aren't active tasks.

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